Food and Beverages


АулResort Offers a wide selection of dishes of National, Eastern and European cuisine. We work on advance order and prepayment. In other cases, we are happy to offer dishes on the day's menu.

Experience a myriad of unforgettable restaurants and bars at AulResort, available exclusively to our guests. From fine dining and cocktails to grab-and-go snacks, you'll find plenty of options to choose from. 

We will happily set a Dastarkhan in on of our unforgettable restaurants for any type of celebration. Rental does not include food and drinks.

  • small Yurt-retaurant – 20000 kzt

  • on a high rise bedding (up to 18 people) – 15000 kzt

  • Yurt-restaurant (up to 30 people) – 30000 kzt 

  • Under a canopy (up to 50 people) – 2000 kzt per person

  • in the Restaurant (up to 80 people) – 2000 kzt per person

  • in Toihana (up to 300 people) – 2000 kzt per person

  • under Tents (up to 350 под шатрами) – 2000 kzt per person